Husband Honors Pregnant Wife On ‘Day Of The Dead’ With Coco-Inspired Photo Shoot

A father in California shared Coco-inspired photos on the Day of the Dead by holding his “miracle child” in front of an alter that was built to honor his wife’s life.

James Alvarez’s pregnant wife was run over and killed in a suspected DUI crash in Anaheim in August.

His wife was 35 weeks pregnant and walking with Alvarez on Aug. 11 when a suspected intoxicated driver jumped the curb, and slammed into the pregnant 23-year-old.

The baby, Adalyn Rose, was delivered by emergency C-section, but Aguilar died at the hospital of injuries suffered in the collision.

In a Facebook post, Alvarez alludes to the famous Disney movie “Coco,” saying he and his baby daughter Adalyn Rose will always remember her.

“Remember me… Though I have to say goodbye, remember me…Adalyn and I will always remember you.”

A GoFundMe fundraiser was launched for Adalyn’s future.

“First of all, I want to say thank you for all the love, prayers, and support that you have given me and my family. We received so many donations, more than we expected,” Alvarez said.

“Adalyn Rose deserves the best life because she’s a warrior. She is fighting for her life which taught me that I need to do the same and fight for her. She’s my miracle child. The only part I have left of my beautiful wife.”